Commercial Construction Company

Finding a trustworthy licensed contractor can be quite a chore. If you choose to go this route alone, you’ll be in over your head double-checking credentials, making sure things are done to code, and worrying about getting ripped off. Instead of stressing over contractors, you should be worrying about running your business. You may be wondering, which commercial construction company will take the headache out of construction and renovation? Concetti Contracting Services is the answer.

We have access to the most reputable tri-state contracting professionals in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut metro areas. Serving NYC, Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Long Island, Concetti Contracting Services is the commercial building contractor who is the best fit for your industry.

Our impressive new commercial construction will be the envy of any competitor. With over 20 years in business as a commercial construction company, Concetti Contracting Services has dealt with nearly every business construction and remodeling issue. Let our experience be your guide.

Commercial Building Services

No matter what type of business you own, Concetti Contracting Services has a licensed contractor to suit your needs. We specialize in restaurant, bar and lounge, night club, and interior office, new construction, and renovation. If you need a commercial building contractor or commercial remodeling contractor, Concetti Construction will handle all contracting services in your area.

When working with Concetti Contracting Services, you’ll benefit from our experienced design team, who will work closely with your vision to create the business space of your dreams. In addition to creating the perfect space visually, our design team is experienced in complying with appropriate disability access, keeping everything up to code, and obtaining the appropriate permits.

Before construction begins, you’ll work with our design team to approve layouts, themes, and colors. Our professionals are always accessible and eager to work with our valued clients. Without your approval, our professional designers and construction teams don’t move forward. At Concetti Contracting Services, our clients are an integral part of the process. Whether you need a commercial remodeling contractor or you’re working on new commercial construction, our team will dedicate the highest level of quality and attention to your project.