Concetti Contracting Helps You Avoid the Pitfalls Restaurant Construction

Posted on April 4, 2016 - Restaurant Construction

Mexicali blue restaurant interior design

Concetti Contracting Helps You Avoid the Pitfalls Restaurant Construction

When it comes to restaurant construction, first and foremost, and most important, is making sure the contractor, owner and architect are in sync well in advance at the time of signing the lease for the restaurant space and what is to be created in that space.

More often than not, owners are moving forward with brokers or property owners who have only their best interests at heart. We have seen a countless number of times where owners leased or brought into a property that doesn’t have the core elements necessary to make it a restaurant. Things like having exhaust assemblies for going to the roof, proper water line size, and even sprinkler systems are not in the realtor’s or property owner’s focus when trying to close a deal. By consulting with us and involving us in the process from the very beginning, you’ll be able to prevent yourself from making these costly mistakes.

The second most important factor to consider when you envision your new restaurant or bar is the amount of mechanical, electrical and plumbing associated with a restaurant or bar which usually makes up about 50 percent of the budget. These elements take up large and vast areas within the walls and ceilings, and our goal is to make these pieces vanish so it’s invisible to the customer enjoying their bar or restaurant experience.

The second challenge is the idea of making sure all key components within the property are warrant-able to the property and, that they meet the building code requirements associated with each individual use. What I’m referring to is the idea that the requirements for a dish washing room are different than the requirements for an open kitchen, and even more so than the upholstery that sits underneath the patron. All these elements need to work together in terms of durability, function, and how they will be utilized by guests.

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