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Cabinets are not bought by linear square foot, despite popular opinion. They are bought more or less per “box.” So a 36″ basic double drawer would be less than a 4-drawer 36″ unit. The door panel, finish, moldings, quality of box construction, type of hinge, etc drastically change the price. Be prepared; cabinets can be shockingly expensive. My coworker just did upper Home Depot brand cabinets for a approximate 20 feet of cabinets, and it was $9500. My custom cabinets for 38 feet plus a 6-foot island ranged from $25,000 to $68,000 from 4 different vendors.

Average typical cost / cabinets 10 x 10 Kitchen $9,950

Average typical cost / custom cabinets (10 x 10 kitchen): $15,950 to $68,000

($270 per square foot) The average cost to remodel a kitchen includes cabinets, walls, tile, fixtures, appliances, and floors.  Of course, prices do vary depending on the types of materials.