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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and you have no idea where to begin a few key points can help make the process a great deal easier.

  1. Start with recommendations from family and friends. Also check in with the National Association of Remodeling Industry for a list of members in your area. You can talk with building inspectors to see who they see routinely who meet code requirements and offer quality workmanship
  2. Once you’ve assembled a top list of possible contractors for your kitchen remodeling  job give them a call! Ask each of them a few key questions; do they take on projects of your size? Ask for references from previous clients. How many projects are they currently working on at this point in time? And how long have they worked with their subcontractors? The answers to these questions will reveal details on the firm’s availability, reliability and you can learn how smoothly the work will go from various references.
  3. The Face to Face meeting of the best from your list will offer you more details on how you will be able to communicate with your contractor.
  4. Investigate the facts that have been provided to you and talk with clients, check with the BBB for any issues with this firm and maybe even visit a current job site to review the work being done; is it professional, neat and safe?
  5. Next once you’ve got a short list of contractors have them make plans and offer bids. You are looking for a complete set of blueprints and also someone who listens to your needs and wishes so the project comes out as you’ve dreamed it would be from the start. Also, you need to compare the bids, make sure you understand where the materials are coming from and you can now understand the quality of products being placed into your home. Not all lumberyards are the same. You should be looking the best craftsmanship and quality products being purchased to build your new kitchen.
  6. Agree to a payment schedule for the project. This way you both understand what is expected in regards to payment, deadline dates and an end date for the work.
  7. Honestly, toss out the lowball bid. No one has ever been happy with the work they paid the least amount of money for because it’s never top quality. People cut corners or are simply desperate for work. Look for technical competence in workmanship and product quality should help guide your final decision.
  8. Be sure the contractor draws up a formal contract with details on every step of the project; payment schedule, proof of liability insurance, workers compensation payments, start and end date, materials used and request a lien release which protects you if he doesn’t pay his bills to all the subcontractors and suppliers. This is simply about insuring a successful and professional kitchen renovation for your home.

If you’d like to speak with Concetti Contracting in detail about your home kitchen remodel please give us a ring for a free estimate at 888-693-0009. Or visit our website at

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