Isalia Retail Construction Project

Posted on December 11, 2015 - Categories: ,

Isalia Construction Before and After

When a high-end menswear firm needed a construction company for their New York City location they sought help from Concetti Contracting for the new store set up. Every store renovation presents its own set of challenges.

But when the plans for the (Isaia) store were given to us written in Italian and the measurements being in metric system it required a team with experience, knowledge and a defined skillset to overcome such a different and unique set of challenges.

Facing three empty floors with a couple of trucks full of fixtures, Concetti Contracting worked closely with Tri-State Installation’s install team to began the installation of over 200 crates of racks, fixtures, cabinets, tables, and counters and delivered a finished product to the owner within the contract deadline.

Not all new store setups or store remodels are alike. There are always unseen circumstances and the occasional missing parts. So having a team that can think on their feet and respond to issues as they arise is critical to meet the demands of tight deadlines and exacting design specifications.