Concetti Contracting Gives SA Hospitality A New Look.

Posted on November 25, 2019 - Categories:

The finished space

SA Hospitality, reached out to us to request our services for a big move. They are a company specializing in providing gourmet Italian eating experiences. Take a look at their site, where they have a host of information on their services.

Delivery, Receiving and Prep

We were excited to help them build their all new office.They were in need of desks, Chairs and Filing cabinets. Those were brought in for us to handle to All of which would fill a great new space. We personally coordinated with the buildings’ staff to facilitated the delivery of all the units. For instance we easily adapted when our deliverymen were unable to offload the cargo. Even Vincent our Company Lead, leapt in to lend a hand with it. We all work as a team and promote working together.


Our expert installers spent just two days to fully assemble and install tables in every single room. Our team easily adapted to requests for changes to the layout of the fixtures.  So our site lead coordinated with the wonderful folks at SA Hospitality to make sure that they were happy with the finished product. Motorized table units were put together and integrated into the design of the office. And our team was more than up to the task of ensuring that all the units were ready for the big move-in day. We know that everyone at SA Hospitality will love their new space.

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