Crossroads Plaza Mall Construction

Posted on December 19, 2014 - Categories: ,

Crossroads mall interior before

When store owner Mitchell Kovloski wanted his retail clothing store (1520 Route 38 – Crossroads Plaza Lumberton, NJ) to stand out and have a personality.

Constructing and Designing a 15,000 square foot retail space and changing the entire exterior of the building in and itself is tedious and time consuming task. But when the owner wants you to perform this major transformation with-in a five month time frame the task at hand can become daunting.

We designed a dramatic storefront that can’t help but draw the attention of everyone who passes by.

With Concetti’s dedicated and unmatched level of commitment we fought through permit needs, building codes and unforeseen conditions. Nevertheless, we had Mr. Kovloski’s store stocked and open for business with-in the scheduled time frame. More importantly, we did with-in budget.