Grandma Angelina’s Pizzeria Construction

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Pizzeria counter construction before and after

Affordable Restaurant Construction For Family Style Nostalgic Pizzeria

Grandma angelinas logo

Traditional Italian Logo

Grandma Angelina’s Pizzeria
Yonkers, NY
A Family tradition since 1907.

The owners of Grandma Angelina’s Pizzeria wanted to create a small cozy family pizzeria where you feel the nostalgia of the past in 2015.

They wanted to capture family, tradition, history and great food all in one place with franchise capability. We helped them achieve just that. With a small budget at hand we ran out and brought together very simple ways to bring out and highlight all they wanted and can be duplicated at other future locations very easily to keep their Branding.

Careful Consideration For The Right Construction Materials

Brick paneling was very inexpensive. So we used that to give an old plaster wall falling apart effect and we built a counter and stained inexpensive pine wood to give a natural feel.

Built and painted a store front awning on top for a focal point with their logo in the middle to give a little Italy vibe. Last but not least blew up some vintage black and whites photographs and mounted them off the wall for a 3d effect. We also wrapped the tables with red and white checkered table cloths to make you feel at home, added an old red Coke machine from the 50’s to serve glass bottled soda.

In the kitchen we shopped around down in Brooklyn and found everything from ovens to sinks at low cost to make the kitchen fully functional, and fast to output these beautiful dishes and pizza to the customers.

Construction Projects Below Budget

At Concetti Contracting you give us a budget and we’ll use all our resources to make it happen, and most cases below budget. With Angelina’s Pizzeria we came in $40,535.00 under budget.  Very few in any other construction companies can make that claim. The place is a hit and our customer could not be happier.