Mexicali Blue Restaurant Design and Construction

Posted on December 16, 2014 - Categories: ,

Mexicali Blue Restaurant Interior Design

With a local area population growing (Route 9 / Wappingers Falls, NY) and the number of restaurants tripling with-in the last 6 years, a restaurant business plan has to be implemented to assure Mexicali Blue’s success. Given the competitive demographics Concetti Contracting felt Mexicali Blue’s restaurant design would have to create and define their brand with a unique characteristic to create an emotional connection with their internal and external guests.

We left the great food and great drinks to the owner Sal. But he left the restaurant planning and decorative design to us.

Restaurant Planning and Design Starts With Color

As orange exudes energy and warmth, we decided to use it as the primary color to start the design process for their restaurant construction job. Orange also has the power to inspire people both mentally and emotionally to get them thinking and talking, creating an inviting and open atmosphere for diners.

While peaceful, tranquil blue (used as the secondary color) causes the body to produce calming chemicals which puts people in a peaceful laid back mood. Perfect for enjoying a tasty Mexican meal.

We didn’t just create our mood goal with the orange walls and blue tile inlay. We incorporated artwork, furniture, and table coverings which all work together and become an intricate part in creating the overall mood and dining experience.

We truly think about what best serves your bar or restaurant when taking on a construction project. The mood we are trying to create and how we want your guests to feel. With Mexicali Blue we used colors and a design scheme and created a warm atmosphere in which customers will want to return to again and again.