Rustic Restaurant Interior Design Vigneto Café

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Vigneto Cafe Rustic Wall Design

Owner Dino Gjokaj wanted to make the theme of his café emanate the vineyards of his home country. So we came up with the name Vigneto, and gave the restaurant a vineyard rustic look and feel.

From Vigneto Rustico Architecture and Concetti Contracting Design comes the stylish Vigneto Cafe located in Highland, NY. Situated in the center of this small town with an old town feel is the rustic exterior of Vigneto which is meant to attract and surprise but moreover for the interior to evoke a certain nostalgic feel to the dining experience.

Rustic Restaurant Design Ideas

Incorporating cherry wood, zebra veneer and large wood oak barn beams into this Rustico design was no easy task. The oak barn beams incorporated into the interior design could not be cut from using every day standard sawing methods. So we found a turn of the century old sawing mill to help us cut the 12’ x 12’ Oak beams to accomplish the heart of the interior design for Vigneto Café.

Success! All of our efforts, ingenuity, and resourcefulness help deliver the exact exterior and interior restaurant design envisioned by the owner.