The Sleep Number Retrofit in The Ridge Hill Mall

Posted on January 7, 2020 -

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The Sleep Number Store at the Ridge Hill Mall is a premium mattress and bedding supplier. Concetti Contracting was Brought in to retrofit the whole store. We installed New Furnishings Fixtures and Floors to give the store a premium look.

The project began on a Sunday night after the store closed early for us. After they closed, our demolition team tore up the existing fixtures and old carpet to make room for the new furnishings. That also meant we took extra care to preserve the quality of the existing bedding and furnishings. As a result, all of Sleep Numbers fixtures stayed clean and ready for customers. After that, our Flooring Team then took over and worked through the night to install the new carpets. They installed a charcoal gray patterned carpet that Sleep Number requested.

The Rough Carpentry

Our carpenters returned fresh Monday morning and got right to work on putting protective sheeting on all the beds. Then we opened up the walls and installed structural blocking for the new cabinets that were going in. After approval from our Site lead, we closed up the walls and taped for a clean, paint ready surface. We installed cleats on the wall to hold up the new cabinets. By the end of Tuesday we installed the majority of the cabinets and trim. The following day we completed the final cabinet assembly and install.

We worked Wednesday morning on the fixtures and new headboards. We also completed the wood textured laminate that ties the whole store together to create a true cozy feel. After that, we got to work on the primary part of the retrofit, The IFIT Canopy. It’s a large wrap canopy with two TV’s mounted to the structure. Inside this structure is the Sleep number IFIT bed. That bed scans your body’s pressure points and adjusts the firmness of the mattress to the precise number in order to give you the best sleep possible. we set up the bed, wired the electronics, and installed the canopy to hand suspended by rods above the whole thing.

Graphics, Headboards and Touch-up

Thursday and Friday, we dedicated to graphics and furnishing for all of the cabinets and beds that we had installed the previous day. That means that our team positioned and set up each bed and cabinet perfectly ready for Sleep Number to merchandise. After ensuring that everything was in the best condition, we left the area for the store associates to fill up with bedding pillows and comforters. Taking our time in ensuring that every cabinet was clean and free of blemishes yields a happy client. Also, did a careful walk through of each element to ensure it was proper. Then we focused on the Bedding Design Lab, the new POS and the rest of the graphics.

Punch Out

Finally we arrived Early Saturday Morning for a full store walk through before it opened for Business that day. Working with the Clients as well as the store manager we took care to ensure everything was done in accordance to the plans. Everyone approved, signed off, and Sleep Number’s Yonkers store is ready for business. Go check out our work and try a Mattress! Also take a look at the retrofit we did for sleep Number’s Melville location. With everything we learned form this one we were able to nearly half our working time!