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Mexicali Blue Restaurant Design and Construction

Posted on December 16, 2014 - Categories: ,

Mexicali Blue Restaurant Interior Design

With a local area population growing (Route 9 / Wappingers Falls, NY) and the number of restaurants tripling with-in the last 6 years, a restaurant business plan has to be implemented to assure Mexicali Blue’s success. Given the competitive demographics Concetti Contracting felt Mexicali Blue’s restaurant design would have to create and define their brand with a unique characteristic to create an emotional connection with their internal and external guests. (more…)

Grandma Angelina’s Pizzeria Construction

Posted on October 8, 2014 - Categories:

Pizzeria Counter Construction before and after

Affordable Restaurant Construction For Family Style Nostalgic Pizzeria

Grandma Angelinas Logo

Traditional Italian Logo

Grandma Angelina’s Pizzeria
Yonkers, NY
A Family tradition since 1907.

The owners of Grandma Angelina’s Pizzeria wanted to create a small cozy family pizzeria where you feel the nostalgia of the past in 2015.

They wanted to capture family, tradition, history and great food all in one place with franchise capability. We helped them achieve just that. With a small budget at hand we ran out and brought together very simple ways to bring out and highlight all they wanted and can be duplicated at other future locations very easily to keep their Branding.