Remodeling Stores and Restaurants after COVID- 19

Posted on September 21, 2020 - Projects, Renovations, Restaurant Construction, Restaurants, Retail Stores

The pandemic has forced owners remodel theirs stores and restaurants and how they position moving forward. They’re looking to improve the infrastructure and requirements mandate by the CDC guidelines after the COVID- 19.

The Owners, investors and developers are looking for new design and layouts in this COVID era. Concetti Contracting is here to help you acquire all the requirements needed by State and Local governments.

Retail Stores

We saw people at the malls at large proportions without worrying that they were close to each other. Covid-19 changed everything and now the stores are trying to update and change layouts. Business owners look to comply with the new CDC guidelines.

Concetti Contracting is here to help with a new retail store construction, updating or remodeling business and modifying existing floor plan models.


Restaurants may consider implementing new strategies to encourage customers to start coming back to their business. The upcoming cold weather will make owners start planning in these changes sooner than later.

The CDC guidelines advise to change restaurants and bars layouts to ensure that all customer parties remain at least 6 feet apart. This is one of the most important requirements they have to work on before the cold weather arrives and customers won’t want to seat outside.

Concetti Contracting managers will visit your site to evaluate your restaurant design needs. They will meet with the appropriate personnel and review existing information, plans and drawings to meet the new guidelines for retail and restaurants in this COVID-19 era.

We want to work with business owners and our 30 years of experience and expertise is very well-known in the tri-state area.

Concetti Contracting Services goal is to work within a team atmosphere with the owner, project stakeholders, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers to achieve a quality and timely project for the mutual benefit of everyone on the team.