Create Your Kitchen Idea File

Kitchen Idea DrawingTo ensure that your new kitchen is exactly what you want, take some time to envision the kind of space you would love to live, work, and eat in. Is it light and airy? Is it dramatic with high contrast? Also, think about what features you would like your kitchen to have. Do you like the idea of glass doors on cabinets? How about a raised eating bar? Designing a kitchen without inspiration can lead to a poor layout, non-unifying decorative theme, and, ultimately, an unwanted kitchen resulting in a waste of money. If you are unsure about what you want in your kitchen, create an idea file. This will help get your thoughts and ideas organized, as well as quiet any anxiety or overwhelming feelings.

An idea file is a collection of images, material samples, color swatches, photographs, and other items that you like. Images from decorating magazines, design books or blogs, or even a treasure you picked up on a vacation, can all provide inspirations for your new kitchen.

Tips for creating an idea file:

  • Place all the ideas you collect in a notebook or file folder.
  • Gather ideas that inspire. Tear out pictures from magazines that have design elements that you like. The pattern on a shirt from a clothing catalog could influence your choice of decorations.
  • To remind yourself what you liked about the image, make notes on the back of the photograph or next to it in a notebook.
  • Carrying a camera with you at all times will help you capture any unexpected idea.

Start Early, Start Now!

It is wise to begin collecting images as soon as you start thinking about a renovation project. Flip through your idea folder frequently to give yourself plenty of time to absorb the ideas. Pinning them on a bulletin board, taping them on a blank wall, or organizing them by influence will help you determine what your preferences are. You will begin to see patterns emerge, including images with a similar color scheme, contrast, or other design ideas. These patterns all are an expression of your true decorating style.

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