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Concetti Contracting Services installs customized solar energy solutions for homes. Our innovative systems will reduce your energy costs as they help your family live a cleaner, greener way of life. We aim to help you get the best value for your solar home energy project. It’s all about getting competitive solar home energy quotes from the trusted installers that are right for your project.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels
When you install solar panels on your home or business, you reduce the amount of electricity you need to buy from the utility company. Following the installation of a solar electric system, it’s not uncommon for electric bills to go from, say, $200 a month to $30 a month.

Going Green

Green Construction
we pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship using renewable, sustainable materials. Our homes offer an attractive alternative to traditional construction while prompting a healthier Environment for our client’s planet.

Renewable Energy Saves You Money

Solar energy can reduce your electric and heating bill by and incredible amount leaving you with the savings to enjoy life a little and save for the future. Solar energy is about a technology that converts the sun energy into electric current with the help of solar panels. The mechanics behind solar energy is the work of the all mighty God; the sun’s incredible energy is produced thanks to the help of hydrogen through nuclear fusion that travels directly to the earth. The receiving solar panels convert the rays into electric current that are stored in batteries and then converted into electricity.

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Solar Brands
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When considering a remodel project for your home, consider going “green”

  1. To cut down on your energy bill, installing the correct windows or utilizing skylights can make a big difference.
  2. Using appliances with the Energy Star Seal is very important for energy conservation.
  3. Plumbing fixtures should be low-flow. Low-flow fixtures will save you much water, possibly even using less hot water.
  4. Ensure the correct amount of insulation used in your kitchen design is based primarily on your own climate.
  5. Use building materials that are made to last. Even though the materials could have an environmental appeal, they have to be able to face up to everyday use, such as counter tops and flooring.
  6. Consider using a solar water hot water heater. One of the most important expenses for any home is hot water. Your kitchen uses an enormous quantity of hot water. There are a number of different types available. You’ll only be paying for water that you actually use.