Smart Home

Sustainable housing

Smart home tech is here. From Solar panels, Battery Banks, Green Construction, and environmentally friendly practices we want to prioritize a clean lifestyle. Concetti Contracting cares about our impact to the world. We want to provide a responsible and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Solar Panels and Energy Efficiency

Solar Panels provide a clean, unlimited source of energy There is little to no ecological damage or negative impact to land They also reduce toxic waste, emissions and produce no byproducts. This results in Less pollution in the air and water.

We install solar solutions in any home with roof access. With battery banks you can power your home long after the sun has set. Ultimately this reduces your carbon footprint and reliance on electric companies.

Another one of the best was to conserve energy is insulation. Cellulose Insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly home insulation materials. It is made up of 80 to 85% recycled newsprint. It can also help to repel insects! Cellulose is one of the most eco-friendly materials. We install it with a loose pack machine that will blow the material into place. You can install it on open attic floors, in existing walls and more. This is done by blowing the cellulose through small holes. As a result you can increase the insulation level with no need to tear the wall apart.

We also provide other form of energy efficient insulation such as, Cotton Sheep’s wool, and spray foam.

Combining solar panels with energy efficient appliances is always the right move. LED Lights draw significantly less power and energy efficient kitchen and bath appliances like fridges and dryers require less energy to run.

Green Living

Our architectual landscape designing team will design add trees for shading in the summer (with trees, covered porches, roof overhangs, window awnings) and let the sun in where you want it in the winter. We recommend low-E (emissivity) windows to reduce the harmful effects of the sun in summer, but also retain the heat inside the home in winter (look for the NFRC label to get the performances you want).

Green Living

For a warmer climate, a long rectangle shape with the short ends facing east and west will suffer the least from the hot sun, while a southern exposure will provide lots of light without much heat gain. This shape also works best for cross ventilation. For a colder climate, a squarer, compact shape that holds the heat in and provides the least amount of exterior wall space works best. Two story homes work well for encouraging natural ventilation in which hot air rises from the first floor up the stairway and exhausting out of a skylight or window at the top of the stairway.

Smart Home Tech

The future is calling with hub connected devices, smart cameras, security and more. Our skilled team will help you navigate the complicated world of smart tech. We’ll help you pick what’s best for you home. And also we’ll help you avoid costly mistakes like a “smart” toaster.

Smart hub

As we design and built your smart home we introduce the options of hub. This way you can integrate your devices with one another. The Wink Hub 2 and Samsung SmartThings Hub are easily the most popular options. Wink offers a simpler, easier-to-use interface, but SmartThings is much more powerful. Both work with your smartphone making control easier than ever

With our Dedicated staff and and Experienced Techs we can make your eco-friendly home a reality.