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Home Upgrade on Your Mind?

Posted on December 31, 2020 - Uncategorized

Home upgrade
Kitchen Transformed

Concetti Contracting is moving into the residential field! Are you in need for a home upgrade? Then look no further than Concetti Contracting. With the current state of the economy, we are transitioning from the commercial sector to the residential sector. Correspondingly we are bringing our commercial kitchen experience to your home. Concetti Contracting has over 25 years of experience in designing and building commercial restaurants in New York City Tri-State area.

Residential kitchen photo concetti contracting 1
Finished Kitchen with custom made cabinets

Concetti Contracting has 25 years of experience in all residential kitchen and bathroom upgrades, along with home remodeling. Our design team is up for any challenge. Likewise if you are looking for a full room remodel, room expansion or redesigning a room, Concetti Contracting is the company that focuses on your specific wants and needs.

Newly installed residential bathroom
Newly installed residential bathroom

Due to COVID our commercial construction industry has taken and enormous economic spiral downward. That’s why we offer the most completive remodeling prices in the area. Our focus is quality, we want to exceed your expectations instead of just meeting them. As a customer, you have the ideas in your mind about what you would like done. Our design team will put your ideas on paper and our construction team will take care of the rest. As a matter of fact if you want anything custom, our custom cabinet makers can build anything. Give us a call today (888) 693-0009 today, or click here for a free estimate.

Bathroom Upgrade Tips

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Designed and finished bathroom
Design Your Bathroom How You Want it

Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a sweet escape? Redesigning your bathroom to be a beautiful and relaxing space is possible. And it can also be done without a huge investment. Our simple bath refinishing ideas will give you a makeover that is low on costs but high in style.

A full mid-range bathroom remodel in the New York City area costs approximately $29,600 today, from our experience. Furthermore that includes replacing all the lighting, cabinetry, fixtures, tiles and countertops. Although for an upscale renovation with relocated fixtures and complete high-end finish, the average cost is $67,100. However, if you’re looking to complete your bath refinishing project for far less than that, here are some ideas that can help:


Bathroom with newly installed counter tops, faucets and handles.
New countertops, handles and faucets can change a look dramatically
  1. Update smaller fixtures. For example, replace your light fixtures, drawer pulls, sink faucets and towel racks. With a smaller investment, the changes will make a noticeable difference to the style of your bathroom.
  2. Save money on countertops. If you are looking to upgrade to granite, you can save money by choosing less expensive colors. For example, beige, tan or other neutral colors instead of the traditional black or white.
  3. Minimize the amount of tiles you use. If you replace your tiles, it can be very expensive and tedious. You can save on tiles by:
    • Mix the high-end and artistic tiles with the low-cost plain tiles.
    • Use the tiles only in parts of the area. For example, a horizontal stripe dividing the wall and painting the rest of your bathroom.
    • Even power washing and fine cleaning your tiles can give it a new and shiny look.
  4. Refinishing tubs and shower stalls. While replacing an old tub or shower, it is not just expensive, but also complicated. More often than not, you will need to cut your tub into pieces to be able to bring it out of bathroom door. Along with that, you will more than likely have to spend money on the tiles, plumping, flooring, and surrounding trim if anything has sustained cracks or any other damage during that process. Concetti Contracting takes everything into consideration to make you save the most money as possible. We do this by giving ideas like re-glazing and refinishing the tub you already have. Our experienced bathroom refinishing contractor can recoat the tub and make it look brand new.
Upgraded tub with new flooring and tile
Bathroom with new tile, flooring and tub


At Concetti Contracting, we are very passionate about every redesign and remodel. Our goal is to adorn your bathroom with a new look and make it more functional. Also our creative ideas paired with our outstanding craftsmanship will transform your bathroom into a rejuvenated bathroom oasis. We are respectful of your desires, budgets and timelines. Concetti Contracting is fully committed to securing your complete satisfaction.

Call Concetti Contracting, your friendly bathroom remodeling contractor at (855) 693-0009 or contact us online for a free estimate. Moreover you can schedule your in-home consultation. We can discuss several exciting and inexpensive bath refinishing ideas for budget-friendly makeovers.

Our Residential Refocusing

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Concetti Contracting has had a long and incredibly successful Commercial Remodeling career. From storefronts, high-rise office building and restaurants. We have filled the Commercial sector with hundreds of successful Projects and Rave reviews. We have done residential remodeling in the past but our main focus was the businesses of the Tri-state area.

Our Residential Goals

We are going to commit our resources into the residential sector. Our past experience with large scale commercial renovations has uniquely positioned us to take on the residential sector. Of course our decades of experience and oversight on these projects allows us to take on the residential sector with ease.

We’re taking on new projects, that we have enjoyed in the past. Such as Kitchen and bath remodels. Also we are putting our efforts into full home renovations. Let us make your dream home a reality. Take a look at some of our gorgeous kitchen and bath renovations and let our work speak for itself.

As we mentioned previously, We want to focus on the entire residential sector. That includes full home renovations. Many of our customers are looking to beautify their homes, or just update old styles. Those larger scale jobs are easily handled by our diverse service team.

We offer Architectural, engineering, plumbing and electrical services. Not to mention perhaps most importantly our Design team is here to help your vision take shape! We here at Concetti pride ourselves in our renovation expertise, and we always ensure customer satisfaction. Don’t take our word for it though. Also look at all the rave reviews, blog posts and the galleries for our history of work!

From our years of experience at Concetti Contracting, and our decades of commercial installation work at Tri-State Installation, we are excited to take on your project!

Get your FREE Estimate here to get started!

Looking for a Home Upgrade in the Bronx?

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There is no better time for a home upgrade, especially in the Bronx. If you live in the Bronx and looking to do any type of home upgrade, the time is now! With the economy being down and properties opening up, it is driving down the rates for remodeling. Correspondingly Concetti Contracting is jumping at this opportunity to help you with any home upgrade that you need. We are all about saving money and being cost effective for your home upgrade, click here for a free estimate.

Photo of a completed kitchen remodel
Full Kitchen Remodel

Concetti Contracting has over 25 years of experience in construction. We are proud of the fact that we can do any home improvement job. As a matter of fact We do it all, from driveways to roofs and everything in between. Do you have a home improvement project you keep pushing aside due to the economy? Let Concetti Contracting take care of it for you and give you the lowest rates in the Bronx area. Furthermore We offer free estimates no matter what the project is.

Wood floor designs for every room
Newly installed wood floor

If you have a home improvement project that needs to get done, call Concetti Contracting at (855) 693-0009. Take a look at our list of home improvement upgrades that we offer:

  • New Construction
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Flooring
  • Windows and Doors
  • Roofing
  • Driveways
  • Solar Energy
  • Finished Basements
Fully remodeled bathroom

If you live in the Bronx, don’t wait any longer to work on your home improvement project. Financially, now is the best time because the rates are at the lowest. Call us today or submit your free estimate.